Changing the landscape of aerospace, logistics and transport in Africa


Aurora International (Pty) Limited provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and services being based in Africa.

We are addressing a growing demand for autonomous air cargo delivery services in support of a wide range of market segments including consumer, ecotourism, energy, healthcare, humanitarian relief, logistics, mining and transportation.


Aurora International has four lines-of-business:


Production and assembly of Hybrid Electric Conventional and Vertical Take-off and Landing (C/VTOL) Aircraft. Work with the local civil aviation authority to flight test and certify the Autonomous C/VTOL Aircraft.


Daily aircraft operations including surveilance and reconnaissance, air cargo delivery and transport to destinations across Africa. Oversee deployment of aircraft and field support teams to support dedicated air cargo delivery services for clients.


Maintenance, repair and overhaul of the autonomous aircraft. Management of logistics support and ground technical services for the company and clients.


Training and certification of Pilots, Technicians, Manufacturing Specialists and Logistics Officers. Oversee establishment of a team of Field Support Representatives to support the sale of aircraft fleets to clients around the continent. Training will be computer-based using simulators, as well as practicals.


Aurora International is assembling a fleet of state-of-the-art autonomous conventional and vertical take-off and landing aircraft that will dramatically change the landscape of the logistics and transport domains in the coming years across the continent of Africa. Their availability will provide immediate access to both urban and rural areas allowing people to receive goods in a more timely and affordable manner.

The autonomous aircraft will consist of aircraft such as the NATILUS 3.8T, 60T and 100T Freighters, PIPISTREL NUUVA V300 and SCHIEBEL CAMCOPTER S-100. Autonomous conventional and vertical take-off and landing autonomous aircraft support mission durations between 1 – 12 hours, with ranges from 300 Km to 10,000 Km. These aircraft carry payloads from 50 Kg to 100,000 Kg and support the following types of operations.

e-Commerce Humanitarian Relief
Light, Medium to Heavy-Lift Air Cargo Delivery

Aurora International is a certified remote piloted aircraft system operator and has an inventory of autonomous aircraft that can support various operations such as crop or timber surveying, conducting security surveillance, facility inspections, ship-to-shore air cargo delivery, etc.


Aurora International is constructing its new facilities at a world class international airport.

The facilities will include office space, production and assembly halls, maintenance hangers, flight test aircraft hangers, logistics support and storage facilities, parking aprons and a training complex. It will be equipped with a solar farm to support the daily demand for power along with a backup system. A control tower provides a 360° view and direct access to the airport's taxiways and main runway.


Aurora International is an accredited training company capable of providing Remote Pilots Licenses.

We will offer a training program that includes theory and practical over two different one-week sessions. The training curriculum includes air law, human factors, multirotor technical and principals of flight, meteorology, flight planning and navigation, and restricted radio course over the first week. This training is offered virtually to the students, who can join the classroom and instructors by using their home computers. Once the theory examinations are complete, the students’ progress to the practical flight instruction on simulators and outdoors. After assessment, the students proceed to further flight training and are expected to undergo a practical flight examination with a local designated remote examiner.

Aurora International has trained nearly 1,000 commercial and government unmanned aerial systems pilots from France, Greece, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America over the past 5 years.

Remote Pilots License
(RPL) Training Course
Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight
(BVLOS) Training Course
Controlled Airspace Training
(CTR) Course


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